Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pinterest Smiles!


Its the middle of the week! WE ARE ALMOST THERE PEOPLE! :)
Can you tell im ready for my weekend?? :) Hehehe

Here are a few arm candie's I pinned from Forever 21 that I am loving!

I'll take them all please and thank you!

Also I pinned this quote and its just so true!

Patient! Not a word Im good at! But then I was looking at my Quotes board on Pinterest and found this quote!

I am so often on a hurry to the next thing! I am one of those people who live my life from one big thing to the next! I look foward to a weekend friend time, than I start counting down to the cookout at church, and than after that its the water park, and than....ya, you get me. I dont stop and look at the small things!
This quote say's it well!

I dont want to look back and be sad that I missed the big things! I dont want to only remember the things I figured where important!
How many time's do we do that in life? Allot for me I know!
So here is to the Joanna Noel who is going to slow down and love the small things!
I plan on posting a picture or a story every blog post about something small that I stopped and enjoyed! Hope Y'all will take this journey with me!



Julie said...

I love candles, I just forget to burn them all the time. However I'm a sucker for BBW semi annual sale and their candles that I'm purposely avoiding the mall as much as I can!

tiffany khyla. said...

Forever 21 is my favorite! I love those bracelets. So pretty. And those quotes are some of my fave! Thanks for sharing!

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