Friday, July 8, 2011

One Month!

Good Morning Lovelys!

Its Friday! Who is excited for the weekend? I am going to be busy this weekend! I am helping at are church for the Sports Outreach Ministry we are doing! I am excited!

Another thing I am majorly excited about is in one month from today it will be my blogs 2 year anniversary!
WOW, I will have been blogging for 2 years!

I really want to do some amazing giveaways for this 2 years anniversay, but I am a litter worried. I dont get many people entering my giveaways and I dont want to put something up that no one will enter!

So let me tell you a little of what I will give away and then you can tell me if you will be back in a month!

I will be giving away several things!

1. A 8x10 copy of one of my photo's
2. 12 pack of photo cards (blank insides for writting letters)
3. Some Pampered Chef Stuff
4.Some Creative Memorize Scrapbook stuff!

So I will have 4 packages, maybe even 5!

So, Will you be back?? And will you tell your friends??

On a side note, I became a Creative Memorize consultant last night! Mostly just to support my habit! I have enough on my plate with Pampered Chef! But..If anyone wants to order anything, let me know! Also, I would be glad to sponser Giveaways with my pampered chef and my creative memorize!



High Heeled Life said...

You do have a lot going on!!! That is fantastic that you will be celebrating 2 years of blogging!! and the give aways you are planning sound great!! I will be back!! HHL

Tricia said...

I would totally enter that giveaway. Just found you through Monday Mingle!

Laura said...

Those sound like awesome giveaways. I'd enjoy any of them :). And congratulations on two years. I have been blogging one year now.

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