Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rainy Day Ramblings!

On days like today..rainy and yucky and all, I ramble, or maybe its just my mind trying to keep itself not sure.

Have you ever felt that way? The keep myself going or I'll not make it feeling? May that feeling of total scream inside your body? Or is it just me?

I have felt that way the last few days. Just kinda not making it! I have been letting so many small things in my life snowball into something big. There just small things, yet im making them massive! You would think I would learn.

The Lord really was touching my heart today. I read the verse were He says " Peace be Still!" I felt like that was for me! I just needed to be still and have peace! In Him! Not on my own! So today I will ask the Lord for His Peace. I may need to ask Him for it a million times today, but I am going to do it!

After I had started to write this post, and was feeling down and all, I got a facebook message (Cause my phone is being weird and I cant get txt in the school) from a good guy friend of mine. Before I tell you anymore let me explain! Jon is a dear friend that I made when I lived in MS last time (that would have been when this blog started!) he has been there during good and bad times. He is NOT my boyfriend or ANYTHING else! We are very close, but as friends! Ok know that we have that cleared up!
So he was chatting with me today, and he is at collage about 4hrs from here so we are suppost to hang out on the 9th of March when he is home for break. Well, He say's " Oh bring a dress when you come over!" I was like why? "Because your gonna be my date to Jalyia's wedding!" I am so excited! She is a friend of both of us and I just cant wait to go! I so enjoy my time with Jon! 

Excuse my no makeup face! And Jon had a beard cause of his play he was in!

These two were from when we first ment! LOL! We looked so young!



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