Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Feelings!


If you are not into a deep post, or whatever, please dont read any farther! I am sharing whats on my heart today!

Let me give you a picture with a quote on it first! It will help explain things better! 

I am not going to share allot into all the details right now, mostly because I dont have all the details to share yet! But I will share what I can!

Things have been very busy for me the last 7 months! As most everybody knows I moved to MS July 1st and have been working for a Baptist Girls Home! I love my job! Some days are better than others, and there are always the times I dont feel like I am doing well, or stuff comes up and I want to throw up my hands and be done. But that is life, and I never want to give up on life!
The Lord has been teaching me so many things the last 7 months! Trust, Love, Humilty, to just name a few!
The last few months the Lord has been teaching me extra! Taking me through the hard times, to make me more like Him! I was able to go home for Christmas! What a great time to spend with my family!
 If most of you have not noticed, I am very much a people person! I always used to be the type that had to be around people allot and we had to be talking! Well, since I moved down here the only people I really get are the girls I work with and the 3 other staff here. But they are older than me and married. It has been very hard for me to live in a house by myself and only see my friends once or twice a month. I have found myself sitting on my couch many a night crying. I miss my family so badly.
This past weekend I was talking to a friend from back home and I relized something! In this hard time of my lonlienss and all, God has been teaching me to love Him! And on top of that I appriciate my family and friends way more than I ever used to! I would be happy just to have someone in the same house as me, I would not even have to talk!

This quote below has been so powerful to me!

Hope I did not overwelm anyone too much! I am not even sure if anyone reads my blog anymore! Ive been so bad with updates! :)




P!nky said...

Sending you a smile!

It's hard not knowing anyone, and frustrating.

God will provide :)

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful post and great reminder!!!xo HHL

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