Friday, March 22, 2013

Home is where the HEART is

Happy Friday!

I did a blog post last week about going home for about a week! My dad had some health test and all. I am going to tell you all about my time home and show you some pictures and all! I took my sisters freshman pictures when I was home as well ( late in the year but it got done ) I will post those tomorrow!

This picture makes me smile! I have lived in 4 states and Oklahoma has and will always be my favorite state to live in! This picture was taken around noon...ish! I left my place at 4am last Tuesday! Memphis was VERY slow at 5am in the morning! I was at my place in OK by 3pm!

I love a good Oklahoma sunset! It never stops amazing me of God's Great love for me when I see His Artwork!

My baby boy Webster! We went for a walk in the park! He was so glad to have me home!

I than spent last Friday with the Bestie! Katie and I ment when I started working at Old Navy! We have become fast friends! I was able to spend all of Friday in OKC and Bricktown with her! This picture is of us waiting to be seated at the Toby Keith's I Heart This Bar and Grill! It was yummy!

We went and looked around at the new Deven Energy Tower!

This was the floor! It was super cool!

We are on the second floor! That as far up as you can go without a tour!

We spent allot of our time in Bricktown! Stopped at a record store ( I got two Elvis Hymns records! ) The Candy Company, and walked the Canal!

I could stay here forever!

See?? LOL!

My cupcake from Sarah Sarah Cupcakes!

Ceiling at the tower!

I had a great time at home! I love what I do here in MS but I did not want to leave OK and all my family and friends!

I do have good news! My dad's test all went very well! He just got word back yesterday that he is ok! They said he only had Micro Strokes and that is not too bad! Most of the issues he has been having are stress caused and he has to take some vacation time! He is borderline diabetic so my mom is going to be changing there eating style allot!

Thanks for all of those who prayed for my dad!



Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

Glad you had a nice time - beautiful pictures! Loving your picture of the flower especially. Happy Easter sweetie! :)

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