Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Vow, The Hunger Games,and Tim Tebow!

Yes, that is a loaded title! I hope I did not make you run away! 

I figured since I have been SO HORRIBLY BAD about blogging I better make it a good one! So lets start some were and see what happens!

Ok, So who else is wishing that February 10th would get here soon for this reason? ME!!! I am so excited about this movie! I am a BIG Channing Tatum fan and I just think this movie looks so sweet!
Myself and 2 of my friends from work, Katie and Dallas are going to see it that night! I cant wait for our girls night out!

I actually had no clue what The Hunger Games were till I started working at Old Navy in November! Some of the girls there were talking about it! Thankfully Katie saved me and loaned me the books! I am working through the second one right now! AND I LOVE THEM!
Myself, Katie, and Dallas are going to see that movie when it comes out in March! Have you seen the trailer for it? I think it looks amazing! Anyone else love the books?

I am sure that you all have heard all kinds of stuff about Tim Tebow. I have been enjoying learning more about him through his book he wrote Through My Eyes! Its a GREAT book!

I think what he has been doing is amazing!

I have written a longer post on him at my other blog HERE.

And some of you are saying " What, she has another blog?" Yes, I do! Its new, and I have not done allot with it yet, but I am getting there. BUT...I only have like 3 followers, so if you want to follow that would be way cool! You can click my button below for it!

Well, That was a long post! So I will be done!

What are your ideas on all these things I have talked about? Please comment, I would love to hear from you! What movies are you excited about!



-Mallori said...

I'm SUPER excited about both of those movies!

And, Tim Tebow is getting more and more attractive with how strong he is in his faith!

Julie said...

I am dying to see the Vow - that's going to be our Valentine's Day plans

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Hunger Games was one of my favorite books series! Can't wait to see how they execute the movie.

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