Monday, August 9, 2010

I am alive...One year!

YES....I AM ALIVE! I am so sorry I have been a BAD blogger..but things have been CRAZY! In the last few weeks I have packed the house, loaded it, and moved it, Packed the office, loaded it, and moved it, got to my new place..unloaded, and headed to South Dekota for a few days to help another girl pack and move her house...its been CRAZY!

I am finally here at my place in Verden, Oklahoma for a few days..I leave on thursday of this week to start my job of traveling with the ministry I work with..were gone till the end of this month! We will be in KY and PA! It is so nice to be here in Oklahoma for a few days! Today I have to run into town with my mom and get the VIN number on my car read and we will be set to go with plates and all here.....then im gonna work on my room today as well! Ill take pictures and post them soon!

Also...Yeserday was a day that I cant belive happed! I have been blogging for a year as of yesterday! Its crazy how something so small could keep on going...and that I would have 88 followers and love them all to death! I have really enjoyed blogging and hope that it never gets old to me :) in a little bit..maybe a week we will have to see..I am going to do a giveaway! So keep your eyes open!

Well..I must close this for now..I will blog more later when I can! I am so glad I have all my bloggy friend with me right now! I dont now anyone here so its nice to have moved you all with me!!


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